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What the fuck happened??

It’s been ages since I set myself the 21 day challenge…. I am still failing miserably and i’m as fat as ever… time to give it another crack.


I Did It!! – Tee

I cannot believe that I actually did this! For some it may seem like an easy thing to do, but for me it was so hard!

I finally weighed myself this morning to see if it had made any ounce of difference. I have lost 2kg. That’s not to bad considering exercise was not involved in the last 3 weeks. Well not much anyway.

Last night Matt and I were going to celebrate our success with an ice-cream (they have been in the freezer for 3 weeks now) and I was going to drink a can of pepsi max. I tried my pepsi max… I took 3 gulps and….. IT WAS TERRIBLE! It doesnt taste the same anymore. It tastes way to sweet for me. I poured the rest down the sink. We also didn’t eat our ice-creams last night. Not sure what we are both waiting for; I think perhaps neither of us want to revert back to our old ways. We dont want to open the gates to sugar again in case we cannot shut them again. Whatever the reason, I don’t care. We are going to continue to make our way back to the healthy side and unfortunately 21 days is not going to cut it.

Lets try 40!

Tee xx

Day 20….Almost Made It! – Ash

Pretty sure it is day 20 today – I try to keep a tally on my white board in the kitchen but some days I don’t get around to updating it until the evening and then I start getting confused! (poor, secretly blonde Ash).

It really is amazing how fast the last three weeks have gone – considering during the first couple of days I was pining so hard about the lack of sugar and wondering how on earth I’d live through the whole 21 days.  The only times I really have felt the sugar cravings over the last week is when I’m under extreme stress or pressure to get assignments completed.  In those cases I’m usually over-tired (4am starts, yay me) and my subconscious thinks I need sugar to keep my energy levels up and to keep me functioning for a couple more hours.  Sugar really is like smoking in that regard – to me it seems to be the same sort of craving.  I used to smoke a bit years ago, but I can’t remember the last time I had one now – and when I gave up it was cold-turkey and I was fine.  But it’s the same as the sugar, when I’m really stressed there is little nasty voice in the back of my head that tells me how damn awesome it would be to have a smoke right now, how good it would be to have a bar of chocolate.  I’ve never given in to the smoking prompt, and I’m hoping I won’t give in to the sugar after the end of this challenge.

I AM glad the challenge is over at the end of this week however, because I’m due to fly out to my university residential, and I’m not sure what the food is like or what will be available so in the worst case scenario if sugar-included products are the only things I can get at least I won’t starve!

Tee and I were discussing all sugar related things over the weekend, and I think that after the challenge is done as long as I keep off the energy drinks and the family blocks of chocolate in one sitting, I’ll be happy.  I won’t have a cry if I eat a muffin or have more than one coffee a day for instance, or even have an ice-cream as a treat every now and then.  I don’t want to be one of those people so caught up in restricting themselves with what they can eat that they end up becoming grumpy salad eaters for the rest of their days.  You’ve got to enjoy life too, and that DOES include a bit of sugar every now and then 🙂

Day 16/17 – Tee

So last night was an interesting one. Matt and I finally managed to get a night off without our older two daughters. We took this opportunity to go out for dinner – despite still needing to take our baby.

So off we go to try a new place. SSS BBQ barn. Matt and I decided to relax about the rules of this diet for one night since we have both been so good. That decision didnt turn out to be the wisest of decisions…

Matt and I ordered BBQ ribs with chips. The ribs were amazing melt off the bone deliciousness!! After I had finished with the ribs I looked to the thickly cut hot chips and and….I just couldnt do it! I did not feel the urge to eat them!! WTF is wrong with me? All I could think of was ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips ‘. I didnt do it and I am so proud!

Matt ate his chips and I gave a few of mine to our daughter to chow down whilst I waited for everyone to be finished.


Fast forward 2 hours later and Matt is face down in the toilet throwing it all back up. Both ends are having a rough time and all I could think of was thank FUCK I didnt eat those chips.  Both Matt and our daughter ended up with food poisoning. Luckily my daughter only ate 2 chips. She had a rough night from explosive diarrhoea but seems fine today. Using my skills of deductions I can only assume it was the chips as I had a taste of Matts ribs and the only thing Matt and Hannah ate in common last night was the chips.

The world is telling me – KEEP GOING!

I no longer feel that overpowering urge for sugar. I can get my sugar fixes from a piece of fruit now. I can walk past the confectionery isle without crying deep inside! I hope… I HOPE this means I am on the up hill climb to better eating without the massive sugar cravings.

tee xx

Day 12 – Tee

Today I didn’t end up licking anything strange that may have contained a hint of sugar so that’s a positive. The negative being that despite trying to stick it out with these artificial sweeteners I have come to the conclusion that they just ruin everything. My tea and coffee tastes like something that came out of a can. Both normal equal and stevia sweetness leave the drink tasting feral. Perhaps I have spoilt myself so much with my caramel tasting raw sugar, so I have come to the conclusion that artificial sweeteners suck.

I had a good day today though. It started out with breakie with my husband at the surf club, which I will point out we were both very good. I ate the ‘free range breakie’ mushrooms, poached eggs, tomatoes and baby spinach on wheat grain toast.

This afternoon I took Grace rollerblading. We went hard and fast and bladed the wave break walk up and back five times. I never realised that rollerblading can be good exercise… It’s so fun. Whilst we were there we also got to watch the sun set and look for whales. I’d almost forgotten I lived at the sea.

It is getting easier and easier to walk past sugar now. With the end date looming ever closer, I’m excited to set myself a new sugar goal and whip this fat arse into shape.

tee xx

Day 11….I think? – Ash

How did I miss three whole days?!  I’m sure I posted in between day 8 and now….maybe I am posting in my dreams now?!

Today I was too distracted by maths and the possibility of my extremities falling off due to frostbite to be worried with sugar cravings.  I went in to the city at 4am this morning with my partner (he has to get up that early EVERY day for work…bahahahahahaha SUCKER) so I could get into some delightful (not) maths lectures for an assignment due Wednesday.  Well, it was snowing, and the road into Hobart was closing just as we went through.  All roads ended up being closed for most of the day, but thankfully cleared enough to let us through again this afternoon.  Buses weren’t running, and I suspect they could chuck the sneaky excuse of ‘oh it’s too icy on the roads’ for tomorrow too, but I’ll brave the weather at the bus stop and see anyway.  The snow falling in the city is an extremely rare event, and to stand at my office window in front of the heater, gazing out at the gently falling snow was absolutely magical.

Anyway, too busy for cravings today.  I’m starting to think about going for a rummage around the pantry to find something to eat, but I have rice crackers or almonds to nom on.

Oh, I did have two coffees today, instead of my usual single caffeine hit.  By come ON, I’ve been up since before 4am, leave me alone!


Day 10 – Tee

Hi… my name is Tee. I am a sugarholic.

Today I nearly slipped up. I saw the packet of lollies in the cupboard and thought, I need to get rid of these so I gave some to my daughters. Once I put the packet back into the cupboard I actually sniffed my fingers to enjoy that sweet delicious smell that comes with Allens Lollies. But it doesnt end there… no. I gave my little fingers a wee lick. Only for a split second… until I realised how low I had fallen and immediately felt like a fool. Why would I temp myself like that?

Today was challenging. I had to call Ash twice to talk me out of giving in. Her kind, sweet words of “don’t fucking do it” helped snap me back to reality. Today was a challenge, but I challenge I passed, compared to before where I would have had no problems consuming the entire packet of lollies and hiding the evidence from both my children and husband.

Today, I was a winner 🙂

Tee xx

Day 8 – Tee

The last few days I have had a mild headache. I’m not sure if this is dehydration or maybe finally the sugar withdrawals are catching up?

I am feeling good. Like Ash said ‘healthier’. I dont know how to explain it. I feel cleaner and more spritely… really bad descriptive words but I’m sure you get the picture. I dont know if I’ve lost a single gram of weight (I’m not checking until after the 21 days are over), but over the past week I have not been dwelling on my weight at all. I’m still fat of course but perhaps I feel lighter because I am not full of guilt. Thats my theory anyway.

I have switched out my usual sweetener in my tea for the natural sweetener stevia so I am hoping this is going to be a healthier choice but doesnt make my tea taste like shit.

I am making more and more effort to get a better nights sleep aswell but unfortunately this has resulted in my uni work not getting done. A healthier diet, more sleep and antidepressants that have finally begun to kick in seem to be resulting in me having a clearer mind, more energy and less self-hate. I think I am starting to be happy again.

I am loving being able to do this with my husband. I feel like we are bouncing off each other and keeping each other motivated. I really dont think I would be able to stick to this without the whole household making the change. I am proud of the three of us.

tee xx

Day 8 – Ash

So it turns out that yesterday was day seven, instead of day six.  Hmmm.  It also turns out that I can’t do simple maths – which is a bit concerning since I’m trying to do a university maths subject this semester…..

Today is Saturday, and therefore automatically a good day!  I read through some biology lectures, and then went and did hours and hours of work in my vegie garden, which desperately needed some serious work.  I was also very good today and because it is the weekend (the time of the week I am used to eating the most crap) I was really feeling the cravings today.  I had my coffee but that was pretty much as bad as I got: a multigrain salad sandwich for lunch and a juice, some rice crackers for afternoon tea and ….well who knows what I’m going to get for dinner but it’s a toss up between chicken and vegetables, or some sort of beef stirfry.

I am now hooked on yoghurt and muesli for breakfast (or late night snacking when I haven’t had much for dinner) and restocked on that and nuts at the shops this evening.

I bought a huge bag (and when I say huge I mean HUGE since they were only $1 a kilo) of apples at the local fruit shop this morning, with big plans to make and bottle some apple sauce for future pork roasts, but I spent the day in the garden instead and will have to study tomorrow.  Perhaps I’ll get around to it later tonight.

I feel so cliché in saying this, but – I feel healthier.  Oh god, wash my mouth out with soap.  I hate it but it’s true!  I feel better in the mornings, and it’s easier to get out of bed.  It’s hard to explain, but I almost feel lighter/emptier inside? Like, less choked up with rich bad things? I don’t know.  It could be due to the couple of weeks of gastro I’ve just had too!

Anyway, my partner’s ‘fear of death’ levels haven’t gotten any higher in the last 24 hours so I guess that means I’m still just a normal level of bitch.  I don’t have a problem with this.

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